CORK PRE-CUT - 'Y' Point - Arc 11.5°- Pack of 10


CORK PRE-CUT - 'Y' Point - Arc 11.5°- Pack of 10

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For ease of track laying, our pre-cut cork cut outs match identical track pieces of a major uk supplier and are so cut to give an overhang from the sleeper edge, thus allowing the track to have a ballasted shoulder. All pieces are cut from 3mm thick cork sheet and a simple glue dab on the underside, once the track formation is formalised, is enough to hold them in place ready for track pinning. The advantage of our cork pre-cuts is that they reduce noise and give a cushioned ride to your locomotives and rolling stock. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

Cork Track Pre-cut. For track pins, follow the link.  STEEL TRACK PINS - OO GAUGE

'Y' Point, Arc 11.5°. Suitable for OO Gauge.


Pack of 10

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