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We specialise in high-quality model scenery products for the model hobbyist, and offer a broad range of scenic materials, electronic components, and picturesque scenic display plinths that emphasise ‘realism in miniature’.

Our extensive range of scenic materials for model scenery caters to all model enthusiasts, from railway, agricultural, construction, landscaping to wargaming, and all are available in two pack sizes. For the model collector, our unique display plinths are available in a variety of sizes, scenic infills, and edge mouldings, with or without acrylic covers (Glass covers available as special orders). We also offer a Bespoke Service for Display Plinths for your prized models. Please browse through our comprehensive product range, or contact us directly with any customisation enquiries you may have.




Decorative Quartz                                                                                         



Railway Ballast

                       oo_limestone_polaroidoo_gauge_light_brown_polaroidN_gauge_Mixed_Grey_cropped_polaroidoo_dark_grey_polaroid in 8 colours


Scenic Scatters

                      Fine_Deep_Burgundy_Scatter Fine_Zinc_Yellow_ScatterFine_Rose_Red_ScatterFine_Emerald_Green_Scatter in 99 colours



Pea Shingle Effect Scatter           Pea Shingle Stones                 Camouflauge Nets                       Ground Cover Mats

     Small_Pea_Shingle-001                      Dorset_Pea_Gravel-001                     7_Temperate_camo_4_pack                     self_adhesive_mat_-_Tarmac_blanked_out_size

            Cork Pre-Cuts                            Cork Sheet                             Straw Bales                                    Cork Bark      

       Cork_Pre-cut-single                   Cork_Sheet                      ROUND_STRAW_BALES_1.43_4PK                   cork_bark_half_curve-001_2    



                Display Plinths for Diecast Models . Can Be Designed To Your Specifications


            tractor_on_seed_bed_plinth_2                    slate_quarry_plinth_-_with_digger-001           _wsb_161x100_Plinth2  


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